Toronto-based/Alberta-born artist TOVI (aka Rebecca Emms) shares the release of her debut album I Keep Floating Away (out June 17, 2022).

A collage of trip-hop, shoegaze and synthpop, the album takes heartache-y and sometimes brooding subject matter and turns it on it’s head, with playfully beats, disorienting synths and nostalgic guitar throughout. “The title of the album I Keep Floating Away refers to my struggle of self-sabotage which I think is just lurking beneath the surface of every song on the album. I feel like lyrically I’m constantly toeing the line between sincere and tongue in cheek – recognizing so many of my lows are most likely self-inflicted. But there’s hope in that isn’t there? I’m in control.” says Emms.

With the financial support of Ontario Arts Council, TOVI enlisted Josh Korody (Breeze, Nailbiter) to produce and mix the album – with mastering by Jesse F Keeler (Deaath From Above 1979, MSTRKRFT). The album is a continuation of Emms and Korody’s collaboration since TOVI’s 2021 EP “Hard Feelings”. Recorded during Toronto’s winter lockdown, I Keep Floating Away combines in-studio recorded tracks with Emms’s bedroom-recorded demos created in 2019 and 2020.


“Dreamy new collection of tender instrumentals and explosive melodies” – Indie88

“Bold and euphoric dream-pop gems” – Mystic Sons

“Echoes artists like Portishead, M83 and Still Corners.” -Rocktographers

“TOVI continues to mark herself as a champion in Canadian synth-rock.”– Alfitude

“an ethereal mixture of heavy synth, sonic distortion and obscured vocals” – Martin Noakes, Great Dark Wonder

“slightly unsettling sonic bliss” – Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash

“TOVI packs much drama with pulsating synths and cinematic string arrangements”– Glamglare